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1873 - Uberti Model 1873 Special Short Sporting Rifles. By Chuck Hawks. The Winchester Model 1873 rifle, "the gun that won the west," is one of the most famous rifles of all time.. Schematic ID# 331. Click on a red number to view more information on that item and to add that factory part to your shopping cart. Select "SKU Listing" to see all stock numbers for this schematic.. The model 1873 was the fifth variation of the Allin trapdoor design, and was named for its hinged breechblock, which opened like a trapdoor.The infantry rifle model featured a 32 5 ⁄ 8-inch (829 mm) barrel, while the cavalry carbine used a 22-inch (560 mm) barrel.It was superseded by an improved model, the Springfield model 1884, also in .45-70 caliber..

Parts for Winchester Model 1873 All parts are specifically for the OLD, ANTUIQUE, ORIGINAL Winchester 1873 Unless otherwise noted. INFORMATION The Winchester model 1873 was manufactured in 4 calibers: .44, .38, .32 and .22 cal variations. The way Replacement and original parts for Winchesters and other antique firearms plus Jimenez Bryco Jennings, including firing pins,. Factory New Uberti 1873 Sporting Rifle 45LC 24 1/2" Winchester’s 1873 rifle was the “Rifle that Won the West.” It was chambered in a new, more powerful cartrid. Media in category "1873" The following 75 files are in this category, out of 75 total..

1873 SASS Rifles. SASS 1873 SHORT RIFLE The SASS 1873 Short Rifle features an all steel frame as well as an improved design. The Model 1873 was well received and sold well until production ceased in. Since the end of the Civil War, railroad construction in the United States had been booming. Between 1866 and 1873, 35,000 miles of new track were laid across the country. Railroads were the. Used, Fits Colt SAA EMF Pietta 1873 5.5" 45Colt Lo *NO FIREARM IS EVER INCLUDED SHOWN ONLY FOR vintage and excellent condition . Serious bidders shouldn’t let go this exciting opportunity of bidding for Fits Colt SAA EMF Pietta 1873 ..

Directed by Anthony Mann. With James Stewart, Shelley Winters, Dan Duryea, Stephen McNally. The journey of a prized rifle from one ill-fated owner to another. The Winchester Model 1873 enjoyed a production run spanning fifty years; during this period, over 720,000 rifles were manufactured. These rifles, and the nearly-identical Model 1876, may be easily identified by the presence of sideplates on the receiver.. 1873 Great Western II Revolvers. EMF's Great Western II single action revolvers are manufactured by FAP F.LLI Pietta. Our Great Western II (GWII) line is period correct with the floating firing pin in the hammer, not a transfer bar. 1873 Single Action Great Western II EMF's Great Western II single action revolvers are manufactured by FAP F.LLI Pietta..

Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers.. Uberti – top quality firearms replicas from 1959. Uberti Replicas. Navigation.

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5 рублей 1873 года копия золотой монеты
Винчестер 1873
Рычажная винтовка Винчестер 1873 "Оленебой"
Первые годы (1865-1873) ZOO. "
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Карта Закаспийского края, Хивы и прилежащих стран 1873 года скачать Карта Закаспийского края, Хивы и прилежащих стран 1873 года

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